The Lost Valley

Music by Natalia Shatova
Lyrics by Natalia Shatova & Zhanna Chernetskaya

The whole world is a stellar fraternity.
I am a part of the eternity.
I will find my way, I will find my home,
My sense of life will be returned.
I lost it all…
But one nun said:
"Find the Valley of the Sun".

We'll become stronger,
When we kill our fears,
When we learn to love,
We'll hear the music of the spheres.

I came to wonderful stone ruins
On the land of the last magical Druids.
Fortune was by my side, when I got lost at night
With a blue bird on a tree I saw bright light.
An old sage with a staff called me to drink
Clean water from his ring.

Look at the rays of the new great sun rising.
It's time for a last view at the oldest horizon.
Even discover the world, will be one is true.
You cannot find peace, because take yourself with you.

Valley of the Sun
Is shining brightly in souls.
We'll choose to emit
Light or darkness for goals.
© 2018 • AlcyonaTrailblazer