The Kingdom of Might

Music by Natalia Shatova
Lyrics by Natalia Shatova & Zhanna Chernetskaya

Long ago
Knights were leaving the home…

Telling the story of pastime glory,
Old knight is smiling, but hiding a tear in eyes.
What can he tell us about a betrayal,
About his friends lost in believes and fights?

Long ago
Knights were leaving the home
Just in hope to see Kingdom of Might.
Save your soul!
You will win it for all,
You have done in the darkness of fight.

You've left your love and wife,
You've left your home behind.
What have you gained instead, what were you paid?
Where is your solemn hour?
Which church or stony tower
Hides deep inside saint heart of Jerusalem?

Kneel in front of the King,
You gain the right to become a knight.
Say the words of oath
To know what dying is worth.
Leave your soul to priest,
He knows better where it is.
Now just look around,
Where is you Kingdom of Might?
© 2018 • AlcyonaTrailblazer