Sacred Fire

Music by Natalia Shatova
Lyrics by Natalia Shatova & Zhanna Chernetskaya

Ages ago the world was dying in the fire,
All the steps were ruled by truth of sacred words.
We all know, how shocking were the streets of Salem,
We remember dungeons of mid age's domes.

God bless us in our deeds,
That are ruled by the searching of truth.
God give strength for the believe,
That give light for our mind and our soul.
God bless us all…

Once again, we need the signs of sacred power
To believe in our strength and our right.
Once again, the warriors of the vague hour
Claim, make us to say that the fate is still alive.

Ages are changing, but people do not bother
What they are taught by the former deeds.
What can be seen in the mirror of fires?
What can be found in the ancient plot?
© 2018 • AlcyonaTrailblazer