Music by Natalia Shatova
Lyrics by Natalia Shatova & Zhanna Chernetskaya

Oomm… oomm…
Old trees keep memories,
That are heard in the noise of the leaves.
Oomm… oomm…
Only courage, nothing more,
This story is about the war.

While their nation was being betrayed,
People were waiting who would them awake.
They had no wish to leave their homes,
But who would lead them all?

Tribes waiting for the Indian hero,
Children of the forest are begging for you to come.
Your death can be predicted,
Your life would give the sense of the fight.

He found all names of those who betrayed.
They wanted make you put down your name.
To keep the promise he made a sign,
Using his Spanish knife.

Last wind brings delight
Sweet kiss for the night.
No more thoughts in your pure soul,
Full of feelings and grace. Nothing…
Heroes die,
But people try to follow their way.

You have won the war
For those who will write the plot,
For those who will come to finish fight.

They would not move,
It's their land.
You'd kill them all,
But never won.
© 2018 • AlcyonaTrailblazer