Music by Natalia Shatova
Lyrics by Natalia Shatova & Zhanna Chernetskaya

Old tales are coming back in light of the silver moon.
Old legends can be still alive in the deepest woods.
Step by step, the dance of nature signs creates for us the secret way,
Come to it to believe, you can open the gate.

«Sea and moon farewell» - they're crying,
«Sea and moon farewell», people are coming to rule the world.

Old dances of the fallen leaves is a magic chance
To see for those, who can believe last signs of elves.
Come again to walls of wooden ten, when they will sing The Song,
Sing with them and you'll feel you are not alone.

They are alive
Only in moonlight.
People of Oberon
Out of tale.
Singing to us
They are leaving,
Taking away
All that people destroyed.
© 2018 • AlcyonaTrailblazer