Music by Evgeniy Malei
Lyrics by Natalia Shatova & Zhanna Chernetskaya

In the halls and forests we are taught,
How to live and dream, when we are bored,
How create the story of your dream and of your soul.
Modern children are scared of Golden Age,
They are seeking in books for real fate,
They are fighting with thrust of world of dream, the world of hope.

From peasant to knight
The way is inside,
Just look in your heart and you will know where you should go.
From forest to tower
We feel magic power,
Deep in the plot and every thought.

For my friends and our world, I'm running with a sword,
I'm finished but my hope will overcome.
All the troubles and the hate, I'm leaving you my fate
For the others, whо will fight and who will come.

Beautiful ladies and honorable knights
We meet in dances, on fields of fights,
We learn how to make, behave, and show those whom we act.
The words of honor and betrayal,
Who win today and who will fail?
Who knows the answer to the question who we are?

From dinner to fight
We act all we might,
We play our roles in every step of our deeds.
From game to the life
Returning each time
We always save all the believes.
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