We didn’t write posts for a long time📝. But what can we say? 🤫 Let’s think together! ☺

Standby mode for +2 years is included. The world has changed… I wonder what will happen next? As a musician and part-time person who deals with the affairs of the band, it hurts me to watch what happens in the industry: endless transfers and cancellations.

World bands are facing big problems, but what about small bands? This is a real crisis in the music industry. Complete disappointment…

However, this does not change our plans for a second album. We are finishing the songs and looking forward to a release in 2021. 🥳

To be engaged in a band and music in the style of metal in Belarus you need to be real enthusiasts, fans of this craft. Unfortunately, you can’t easily change your shoes, you can’t tell your soul to write hip-hop songs. Although elements of this in metal can be very, very interesting. 😜

To promote a band, you need to invest 💰 in advertising, constantly maintain content. But the group really enjoys concerts, of which there are very, very few so far…

So we would gladly please you, but how to please when we are sad ourselves? ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Words of support are very motivating. The fact that someone wants to hear songs and see our new clips, videos. For the sake of these words and people, we want to create. Thank you very much for believing in us! Write to your favorite bands more often, it’s inspiring.

Best wishes, ALCYONA 💙