Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful sunny spring day! Happy birthday to the voice of ALCYONA! That’s fate, we’re very happy to met you, Anastasia, to deal with a rock music!🤘🏻

A lot of love for you, wellness and creativity and endless energy on the stage. Let everything you do brings you pleasure and joy!


One year ago the ALCYONA presented the first album “Trailblazer”. And now, one year after we made for you a little video “The Lost Valley”, enjoy it!

Happy Birthday!

“Where does talent come from?”. Exactly, it’s born with a human!

Happy Birthday to Evgeniy Malei, the composer, bass guitarist and founder of ALCYONA!

Happy New Year!

ALCYONA is wishing you a Happy New 2019 Year!!! Enjoy Dreamroad, give us thumbs up and share it with your friends, cause this is a real way to help us and give us the opportunity to make new music!

New single Samhain

ALCYONA presents new single “Samhain”!

“One night in the year when monsters come to life. Who can stop them?”

Thanks a lot to our families, friends and everyone took apart in creation of this track. Thank you for believing in us and our music!